Symbiont trusts Bitcoin Blockchain above all else

Symbiont’s choice of Bitcoin Blockchain over other smart contract protocols like Ethereum and RootStock can be linked to stability and levels of trust associated with the underlying distributed ledger. Both Ethereum and RootStock are relatively new. Ethereum uses its own version of Blockchain and tokens whereas RootStock is built upon the Bitcoin Blockchain.

According to the CTO and co-founder of Symbiont Bitcoin Blockchain, unlike Ethereum and RootStock has been around for over seven years and it has proven its worth. For a company that is dealing with sensitive financial data using specialized IT infrastructure, experimenting with other unproven alternatives can be dangerous. As the company opts for a trusted protocol, the recent revelation by Mike Hearn about Bitcoin’s impending demise doesn’t seem to have affected much. Also, since the revelation Bitcoin has not shown many signs of stress (except for some recent price fluctuations).
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