Current Web Ad Model in Jeopardy. Brave Browser to the Rescue?

Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and creator of the JavaScript programming language, has developed a new browser that will block unwanted web ads and replace them with ads generated by Brave. Eich’s goal is to make the browsing experience easier, to allow users to see ads they are more likely to want to see, and to enable all parties to receive revenue in the process. The last part of this ambitious proposition – remuneration – is where bitcoin comes in. Brave will pay advertisers, users, agencies and publishers in bitcoin.

According to its website, Brave is partnering with BitGo for bitcoin wallets and identity services. Brave plans to use bitcoin only for permissionless payment delivery to user and publisher wallets. The plan is to keep funds in bitcoin only in monthly payment buffers to minimize volatility.

Eich noted that user browsing habits will be surveilled to the best of the ad ecosystem players’ abilities. Thanks to tracking options that are inevitable with the web, a user’s private behavior and browsing intent signals can be extracted via their browser.

Blockers can make the user experience of the web much better. But with enough people blocking ads, the web’s main funding model is in jeopardy.

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